College essay format

college essay format
January 24, 2017

Everything you see today has a design. God designed the human body (according to those who believe in the creation story). The house you live was designed by some architecture somewhere. These, therefore, shows the importance of a design or format for anything that you are doing. Therefore, you need to have a design or format even for the essays that you write. College essays must have a particular format. The inexistence of a college essay format renders the essay non-college. Read with me to understand the college essay format.

Font size, margins, and spacing in college essays that worked

It is recommended that the marginal space of a college essay should be 1 inch from all the sides of the page. All the instructions here will be given using the MS Word. You can achieve a 1-inch margin for your assignment by visiting the page layout section then clicking on the margins tab. You should then click on the normal option. The normal option is usually set to 1-inch.
Throughout the work, the line spacing for college essays that worked is always double spacing. You should use any other type of spacing only if you have been instructed by your course instructor. The recommended font is Times New Roman font size 12. The font should be used throughout the essay. Don’t mix fonts.

Headings on a college essay format

The headings that you use will depend on the citation style that you have been instructed to use. In this case, let’s assume that the instructions require you to use Modern Language Association (MLA), then the heading will start on the top left corner of the page. The indentation should always be set to left justification. This is quite easy to achieve using the MS Word program. A college essay format of the heading should be written as shown below;
The student’s name or the name of the author of the work should be written on the first line of the heading. The name of the course instructor should come next. The course title and course code should come just below the course instructor’s name. The last thing to write is the date of submitting the work. Below is an example of how you should write the heading:
James Jerry
Prof Harris
LIT 3002
17 March 2016
Now you know what is expected of you when it comes to writing college essays that work.