Parts of an academic essay, academic writing

academic writing
January 31, 2017

An academic essay is usually written about a topic with numerous main points.
An essay has three distinct parts. They include the introduction, body and the conclusion.

The introduction of an academic essay

In academic writing, the format of a piece of writing must be adhered to. The introduction of an essay in academic writing can be divided into two parts. The first part contains the general statement while the proceeding part is the thesis statement. The general statement contains a few sentences that are always written with the aim of attracting the readers’ attention. The thesis statement in academic writing is a single sentence that informs the reader of the major points of the essay. It also states the plan of the essay. Some scholars describe it as the condensed summary of the academic essay.

Body of an essay in academic writing

The body of an academic essay is sometimes made up of many ones or more paragraphs. It is always important to have a single idea in each paragraph. It is an academic offense to have like two or more ideas in the same paragraph. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence followed by many supporting sentences. The conclusion sentence brings the paragraph together. It helps in collating the all the ideas in the paragraph. Your paragraphs should not be more than 250 words. The number of paragraphs for the essay will depend on your arrangement and also on the length of the essay.

Conclusion of an essay in academic writing

Just like any other type of writing, academic writing has rules that must be followed. Failure to adhere to rules implies that you are no longer writing an academic essay. The conclusion of an academic essay in academic writing is the last paragraph of the essay. It serves the role of summarizing the whole essay. There are different methods of summarizing an essay. You can conclude by restating the thesis statement or by repeating the major points within the essay. Some scholars also argue that including an opinion, prediction, or sometimes a solution to a problem is also a fantastic way of finishing an academic essay.